Häagen-Daz: Green Tea Ice-cream Sandwich

I know it’s a strange time to be reviewing an ice-cream sandwich- fresh out of the cold month of March, but sometimes when these cravings hit you, you just gotta cave in, you get me? So yeah, I ended up going to the supermarket around 9pm at night just to buy some ice-cream.

I’ve had ice-cream sandwiches from Häagen-Daz when I was offered them a few years ago, but never really found an attraction to them, and certainly wouldn’t have spent my money to buy them.

Since I’ve become a matcha fan about 2 years ago, I just felt like maybe I should give this whole ice-cream sandwich thing a go again.


Look at the picture on the box packaging! Don’t you feel so cheated by how much ice-cream there seems to be in the sandwich but in reality you get so little?!

The ice-cream sandwich was not much different to when I had it a few years ago: still the same crispy but flat wafer. I don’t know whether it’s just me but I’m just not very fond of the sandwich part. I love Häagen-Daz ice-cream, but just not in the ice-cream sandwich form.

I think I prefer ice-cream sandwiches in the form with ice-cream sandwiched between 2 cookies or just having an ice-cream cone. This wafer is crispy and not soggy, but the moment it’s in your mouth it gets all soggy and disintegrates unlike an ice-cream cone.


So I think I’d rate this a 5/10 just because of the sandwich, otherwise, the ice-cream itself is great.


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