No Machine Cookies n’ Cream Icecream


The summer months are coming up and everyone is looking for THE dessert without having to leave home. SO… I’ve finally decided to give this “2 ingredient no machine ice-cream” trend a try after years of lagging behind. I had made no machine ice-cream a few times where you were supposed to mix the mixture every 2 hours whilst it was in the freezer (i know..) and it still turned out icy. So last weekend, I’ve decided to give this new method a try, and I can say it’s near perfection.


The consistency turned out very similar to commercial ice-cream, and when you eat it it’s very smooth and aerated. However, since this ice-cream base is made of whipped cream and condensed milk, you get a sense of frozen whipped cream instead of ice-cream as the consistency in your mouth is a lot richer than commercial ice-cream, which still has the smooth but icy (not gritty) consistency.


To some people, this ice-cream might be too rich and sweet, but as a little treat after dinner (as long as you’re not scooping heaps into your bowl), it’s perfectly fine.

How to make cookies n’ cream icecream

This recipe is relatively straightforward so I didn’t take any pictures whilst making it, but here are my tips!

Stick your condensed milk in your fridge for 1-2 hours if possible before making the ice-cream so it’s nice and chilled. When whipping up your cream, make sure you don’t over whip it as you will be whipping it further after you add in the condensed milk. Also, remember to save some cookies for decoration on top as it makes it look nicer immediately!


I find that a loaf pan / bread tin works really well for storing ice-cream as it’s easy to scoop from there and the metal allows it to freeze quickly. I only froze mine overnight for 8 hours before trying it because I just couldn’t wait! (Yup, I had mine for breakfast.)


No Machine Cookies n' Cream Ice-cream

  • Difficulty: easy
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An easy dessert with 2 ingredients only that will be sure to impress your guests.


  • 2 cups / 480mL double (whipping) cream
  • 1 14oz can sweetened condensed milk
  • 10 Oreo cookies


  1. Place the can of condensed milk in the fridge to chill before using. In a large bowl, whip the cream until you reach the consistency between soft peaks and stiff peaks.
  2. Add in all the condensed milk and continue to whip it until it reaches stiff peaks.
  3. Remove the white cream layer of the Oreo cookies, then place 8 cookies into a zip loc bag and bash them with a rolling pin until you get crumbs of different sizes. Mix this into the ice-cream base with a spatula until you get an even distribution of all the crumbs.
  4. Pour the ice-cream into a loaf tin, then break up the remaining 2 cookies into bigger shards and stick them on the top for decoration.
  5. Place in the freezer overnight or for 8 hours before serving.

Enjoy! xxx

Tell me what you thought of this recipe!


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  1. Ok, this I need to try. I don’t own an ice cream machine either, and so I thought it was impossible to make ice cream. I’m not a huge fan of the ice cream that uses frozen bananas, simply because it doesn’t taste like real ice cream to me, but this, now THIS looks like actual ice cream. I love Oreos so there is literally nothing standing in my way. Thanks for sharing.

    Would you be interested in sharing recipes with our community of passionate foodies? We’re always on the lookout for fun, new and delicious recipes like this one. You can find us right over here:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there! Thank you so much for your comment. I feel exactly the same way as you, since frozen banana ice-cream’s texture is quite different to the beautiful scoop you get from this one. I do hope that you give this one a try and tag me if you have any pictures! I’ll check out your community later on. If you’re interested, follow my instagram page @theculinarycomet for more foodie glory!


      1. No problem at all. My pleasure. Will definitely give this one a try soon, it is perfect for the warmer months! I’ve hit the follow button. You can find us at @creatorsdotco!


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